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Vissko Rain Cloud

Vissko Rain Cloud

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Brand Name: vissko

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Choice: yes


Color: black, white

Material: ABS/PP/electronic components

Weight Approx. 458 grams (unpackaged)

Current: 5V/1.0A

Rated input power: ≤10W

Noise <65dB

Water tank capacity: 200ml

Timer shutdown: no water automatic power-off protection

User Manual

Light mode operation

1. Short press the first on/off button - turn on the colorful flame light mode.

2. Short press the second on/off button - stays in single color mode.

3. Short press the third on/off button to turn off the light mode.

Fog mode operation

1. Press and hold the on/off key to turn on the misting mode.

2. Press and hold the key again to turn off the mist.

Raindrop switch operation

1. Short press the first on/off button to turn on the first gear.

2. Short press the second on/off key-open the second gear

3. Short press the third on/off button - turn off the raindrop function.


Reasons why the aromatherapy diffuser stops working:

Some solutions that cause the power to turn off automatically or low mist:.

(1) Too much water above the water level line.

SOLUTION: Do not exceed the red water level line.

(2) Check that the small rectangular baffles on either side of the water tank have not come off or become stuck in the slots at the top.

SOLUTION: Remove and reinstall the baffles.

(3) The machine is not placed on a level table and the bottom surface is blocked by the table, preventing airflow.

SOLUTION: The machine must be placed on a level table.

Check for small droplets of water inside the C-type charging port.

Solution: Wipe off excess water with a paper towel and dry with a hair dryer.

4 It is not recommended to connect the USB port of the charging cable directly to the USB port of an electrical outlet or the output port of a computer. The power of the above USB ports is low. The charger and charging cable must be connected using a charger with at least 2 A. Otherwise, the device will turn off automatically or the charging cable will not work. Otherwise, the device will automatically shut down or power off. Otherwise, the device will automatically shut down or experience low fog.

5: Low fan power and insufficient power supply [Improper use of charger].

SOLUTION: A 5V-2A charger must be used and connected to the charging cable described above. Otherwise, the unit will fog up or shut down automatically.

6: Very loud decibel noise is felt [caused by the usage environment].

Solution: There may be too much dust on the bottom fan that needs to be cleaned, or there may be water on the water level line at the same time causing excessive noise.

7: No fog phenomenon, fog light switch is not turned on [guest misuse].

Solution: The light switch / turn on the fog light are two button switches, not one, if the guest only pressed the first light switch, only the light no fog, so to open the fog mode of the aromatherapy machine, you must short press the second button once, only then can open the fog mode.


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