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plataform ventilation training boot Walking Sneakers child girl woman shoes sneakers sport sneackers tensi boty brands YDX1

plataform ventilation training boot Walking Sneakers child girl woman shoes sneakers sport sneackers tensi boty brands YDX1

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Brand Name: hundunsnake

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Fujian

Gender: WOMEN

Material: COTTON

Material: cotton fabric mesh net

Material: mash knit stockings knitting

Material: Stocking knitted high performance breathable

Material: ventilation lightweight light light weight

Material: super lightweight cushion with cushioning shock absorber

Material: increases height Key height increase height Height Increasing

Material: appearance increases height up non-slip anti-slip

Material: non slip anti slip Slip-resistant slip resistant

Material: does not slip anti-skid nonslip demi-season

Material: spring-autumn autumn-spring spring summer

Material: ete sumer autumn fall

Material: lace up with ties with lacing lace-up

Material: tied laced round toe round foot

Material: round tip round nose low platform

Material: thick sole high platform chunky flatform

Material: high sole massive thick bottom big sole

Material: platformed plataform platforme plateforme

Material: playform thick heel Thick heeled Thick-heeled

Material: thin heel Black white pink

Material: dark red purple violet

Material: big size plus size large size oversize

Material: special size large dimensions extra large sizes super big size

Material: 35-39 35-40 35-41 35-42

Material: 35-36 36-37 37-38 38-39

Material: 39-40 40-41 41-42 openwork

Material: hollow size 35 size 36 size 37

Material: size 38 size 39 size 40 size 41

Material: size 42 number 35 number 36 number 37

Material: number 38 number 39 number 40 number 41

Material: number 42

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Material: trainners bearfoot laxury

Applicable Place: Outdoor Lawn

Technology: DMX

Model Number: cushion size 37 trending footwears super cozy beskete high quality

Model Number: cotton fabric mesh net

Model Number: mash knit stockings knitting

Model Number: Stocking knitted high performance breathable

Model Number: ventilation lightweight light light weight

Model Number: super lightweight cushion with cushioning shock absorber

Model Number: increases height Key height increase height Height Increasing

Model Number: appearance increases height up non-slip anti-slip

Model Number: non slip anti slip Slip-resistant slip resistant

Model Number: does not slip anti-skid nonslip demi-season

Model Number: spring-autumn autumn-spring spring summer

Model Number: ete sumer autumn fall

Model Number: lace up with ties with lacing lace-up

Model Number: tied laced round toe round foot

Model Number: round tip round nose low platform

Model Number: thick sole high platform chunky flatform

Model Number: high sole massive thick bottom big sole

Model Number: platformed plataform platforme plateforme

Model Number: playform thick heel Thick heeled Thick-heeled

Model Number: thin heel Black white pink

Model Number: dark red purple violet

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Model Number: special size large dimensions extra large sizes super big size

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Model Number: 2022 multicoloured flatas loufers

Model Number: hiphop 47 traning harden

Model Number: rap sneachers medium foreign

Model Number: trainners bearfoot laxury

Department Name: Women

Upper Material: PU

Outsole Material: RUBBER

Insole Material: PU

Level Of Practice: Beginner

Feature: Breathable

Feature: Height Increasing

Feature: Massage

Shoe Width: Medium(B,M)

Lining Material: PU

Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size

Athletic Shoe Type: Walking Shoes

Closure Type: Lace-up

Release Date: Summer2018

A-6623: A-6623-01

the only criterion is barefoot length.

if foot is wide, choose bigger size.



US4.5  =barefoot length 22.1-22.5cm

            =EUR size 35


US5     =barefoot length 22.6-23cm

            =EUR size 36


US5.5  =barefoot length 23.1-23.5cm

            =EUR size 37


US6     =barefoot length 23.6-24cm

            =EUR size 38


US6.5  =barefoot length 24.1-24.5cm

            =EUR size 39


US7     =barefoot length 24.6-25cm

            =EUR size 40


US7.5  =barefoot length 25.1-25.5cm

           =EUR size 41


US8     =barefoot length 25.6-26cm

           =EUR size 42


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